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Reasons To Have More Intense Sex

Health and well-being are found in the oldest sport in history, sex! We don’t say so, but fresh data says so.

Natural anxiety-reducing nature
Frequent sex lowers stress, according to research from the University of California, Westlake Village. Specifically, studies indicate that stress is mitigated by hormones generated during the arousal period. Therefore, worry is lower in people who have an active sexual life.

Beneficial for the heart
Research suggests sex three times a week to prevent heart attacks. Sexually active people have fewer heart problems.

Aids to sleep
Research indicates that having sex regularly improves sleep quality. More precisely, serotonin levels rise following an orgasm. This hormone facilitates pleasure and relaxation, which facilitates easier sleep.

The finest antidepressant
Sex is another factor contributing to optimism. People who engage in sexual activity have a lower depression rate than those who do not, according to a study from the University of Michigan. Studies have indicated that neurochemical alterations during sexual activity can impact our psychological well-being.

Provides longevity
People who enjoy sex and do it often may add ten years to their life expectancy, according to research from the University of California.

Keeps us fit
Sex is the most effective approach to bolster our bodies and heighten our desire to be more appealing as we work to improve our appearance.

Strengthens our body’s defense
Studies show that couples who have sex at least twice a week have a 30% higher chance of being disease-free.

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