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The Advantages Of Having Morning Sex

Morning Sex: The Experts Answer All Questions

Setting the alarm early enough to enjoy a private, sensual hour before the day starts might be difficult for many people who already struggle to get out of bed in time to brush their teeth and put on shoes that fit. However, including sex in your morning routine has genuine health benefits. We’ll explore how certified sexologists and specialists in functional medicine describe the amazing advantages of having sex in the morning. We’ll also offer advice on how to make it your go-to morning activity. We discuss why sex in the morning is enjoyable below.

The benefits of morning sex

You and your lover will form a stronger bond.

Your relationship may benefit greatly from morning sex, which is one of its primary (and most evident) advantages. As partnerships develop, it’s easy to let physical closeness slip by, particularly when juggling conflicting hectic schedules and other stressors. No matter what else is up to, scheduling morning sex is a terrific, easy way to prioritize your relationship. We can establish a daily intention for our morning actions. You will satisfy each other’s bodily demands and show each other love first thing in the morning.

Happy hormones greet you throughout the day.

The brain’s pituitary gland secretes oxytocin, a neurotransmitter sometimes called the “love hormone.” A member of MBG Collective and functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, says that “studies have shown that this hormone increases bonding in couples.” When both partners have an orgasm, it peaks. If that wasn’t enough, research has connected reduced depression levels with increased oxytocin and life satisfaction levels.

Morning sex: another chemical benefit? Hormones called endorphins make you feel good as well as make you feel less pain. Sex, pleasure, and orgasms lead to the release of tension and stress.

Having sex in the morning is like exercising

Morning sex could save your life if procrastination destroys all your well-meaning workout attempts. Morning sex has similar advantages to those of a quick workout. Morning sex will reap the same physical benefits as a light morning workout, such as increased metabolism, stress relief, etc. Science supports these assertions. Harvard Medical School research shows that sexual activity burns 5 calories every minute.

You’re ready for morning sex

Your hormone levels are one piece of successful sexuality. Early morning hours are ideal for sex since estrogen and testosterone levels are increased in the morning, which heightens sexual desire. A 2013 study found that your sexual hormone levels have a direct impact on your libido, with higher levels associated with better moods. Your energy levels are generally higher at this time, as O’Reilly notes, which puts you in a prime position to grasp them.

It can take some time, of course, to transition from nighttime to morning sex. However, after a few successful sessions, it should be easy to sustain. You might find it difficult to apply multiple fetishes in the morning, such as spanking.

Early sex is preferable

Your body might be better prepared for good sex in the morning, especially for women. This is in addition to your intense desire to have sex in the morning hours. “Some studies have shown that women have stronger orgasms in the morning.” Furthermore, a 2007 study on men found that having more testosterone in the morning can result in stronger and longer erections.

You glow after morning sex

You can look your best for the rest of the day and feel energized after an early morning activity. “Morning sex has been linked to glowing skin and healthy hair, as increased circulation and DHEA spikes can give you a fresh glow.” Moreover, DHEA promotes bone and muscular growth. Various experts label sex in general. Not just in the morning, the secret to appearing younger is due to its involvement in generating oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and other hormones, in addition to the benefits of circulation and DHEA that O’Reilly mentions.

Early morning sex relieves stress
Is there anyone that wouldn’t benefit from some respite from stress? Sex reduces stress, as you may expect given all the positive benefits listed above. However, we wanted to clarify that scientific evidence supports this theory. A 2010 study found that similar to comfort food, pleasure including sexual pleasure can lower stress hormone levels. Therefore, you not only reduce stress but could cut down on the number of calories in a mac and cheese.

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